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Model:amg001 Size:2500upX1500upx20/30mm Package:wooden crates and heat treatment

Company Profile Company Name:Xiamen Quan Stone Import & Export Co.LtdTel :86-592-5792821 Fax:86-592-5256391

natural stone building material green paradise granite china green granite

China have so many natural stone green granite. most of them are very beautiful but price is very  good. It is very nice for making into tiles,slabs,table tops,countertops,bathroom vanity tops,staircase etc.

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Company Name:  Xiamen Quan Stone Import & Export Co.Ltd
Contact Person:  Mark Liu
Tel:  86-592-5792821,18106080325
Fax:  86-592-5256391
Address:  Anling Rd987,Yulong BD508.Huli District

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